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Pikachu is an application for printing CD/DVD or anything you want in its proper aspect. For instance, it makes sure that a CD front cover is always 120x120mm.

It will also draws a thin black line around your cover making it easier for you to cut it out later. The application also futures the ability to add text to your covers with any font, size or style you like. Everything is shown in real-time on a preview where you're able to drag-n-drop text and covers around.

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Standalone server browser for Arma 3.

With this application you can browse and filter Arma3 servers and connect to them directly from the browser. The application features support for different launch profiles making it easy for you to connect to different servers with for instance different mods activated. The application also stores a list of favorite and recent servers.

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This is an application for taking screenshots of regions of your screen.

It also gives you the ability to draw simple illustrations directly on your screen, this is useful when for instance doing PowerPoint presentations.

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